Lazy Moon Photography | About

"Lazy Moon Photography is based in the far north country of Minnesota" 


Photography inspired me as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Since then I have always dabbled in this passion of mine while pursuing other careers which included Architectural Design, custom home design/build and light commercial construction. At this time in my life and with much encouragement from professionals, close friends and of course family, I have begun my trek on a new full time career chasing the "Art of Fine Photography".

Recently, Lisa and I have also been spending a great deal of time here in the eastern part of North Carolina. Living in New Bern but traveling as much as possible along the eastern seaboard.

Architecture, nature and history, as well as wild life, is what inspires my images. This includes humans and all critters that inhabit this awe inspiring planet we all call home.

These images are how I see things through my camera lens. I hope you enjoy what my eyes have captured.

I wish to welcome and thank you for allowing me to share my collection of photos with you.


Lynn David Colligan