Lazy Moon Photography | "Our Products"


Everyday we awake and step into the "Norm" of our lives. This may be work or play. We may love it or not. Hopefully my images, that I have been fortunate enough to come across in the first place, may help each of you to step back, get a clear view of the image before you and just enjoy some time away form what all is out there awaiting your return. Relax and envision some quiet time, a sense of calm, a loosening of the mind covered in stress.

We at Lazy Moon Photography take great pride in our work and therefore our "Presentation" of the final product. We have chosen the highest quality materials to insure what you receive from us will last for generations to come.

Our paper is 100% heavy weight cotton guaranteeing archival acid free standards. The Lucia Pro ink is "Pigment-based" which ensures long life, up to 200 years when stored in a lightproof container. Mat-board is also cotton of archival quality, and is recommended for the matting of fine art originals, valuable documents, and limited edition prints and photos. All components of this mat-board are buffered, 100% acid-free and lignin-free. Additionally we have provided 2 coat UV sealer system.

All of our prints begin with the standard print sizes of 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20, however, as we prepare to do our custom printing, we review each image to determine whether or not we need any size adjustments. In many cases our finished image is actually larger than the standard sizes listed in order to provide the very best end results. Additionally final image layouts may differ slightly according to sizes chosen.

Custom orders are available for larger sizes and using different media such as canvas. Please contact us directly so we can discuss all available options and pricing.

One other note of caution and explanation for your consideration. Please keep in mind when viewing our images on the web page is that all monitors are very different when it comes to colors and brightness. Our monitors are color and brightness calibrated every 30 days to ensure the proper custom quality settings before we print.

Please enjoy what we have provided you. We hope our Fine Art will be with you and your family for generations. I am forever grateful to share these images with you..

Lynn David Colligan